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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Well - here we go!!

It's time to redefine how women receive healthcare and thanks for being part of this change!

This part of my website is dedicated to YOU - a woman who is looking for answers from Healthcare Providers.

My PROMISE to my patients is:

- To be Dedicated to the pursuit of evidenced-based care that address ALL aspects of our health.

- No Gimmicks!

- To Listen to you

- Walk along side you

Thanks to my rock of a husband - for his unwavering faith in me. And to all the amazing women in my life who helped me be brave enough to step out on my own: my wise, perimenopausal sister who tells me over & over again that women want & need to hear what I have to say; my mom & grandma for showing me how to age gracefully w/ faith & purpose; my colleagues who work daily w/ passion and commitment to serve their patients; and to those who have prayed for me & who I know will help keep me focused on the goal - truly living the life of abundance.

But mostly this is all for my patients - some of which have been with me for years as I've grown as a clinician and who have taught me the most important lesson - that women are wise and they want & deserve to be heard!!


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