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Telehealth Medicine
for Women 

Practicing in North Carolina, Virginia, & Florida

Every Woman has Hormonal Changes - Let's Talk about Yours! My goal is to listen to your story,  provide personalized care using all the tools we have available to us - including up to date research focused on women, nutrition & exercise optimization, lifestyle changes & medications.

All of this without the rush of a traditional medical facility. 

Like any Nurse Practitioner I can prescribe medications and

order labs & imaging if needed at your local facility. 


Menopause Consultation – INVESTIGATE-

With a goal of  wellness, strength, and retaining (or regaining) purpose. The initial consultation involves gathering the health data needed to support your lifestyle, nutrition, movement, sleep habits, stress management, relationships, and supplements. Also, like a typical Nurse Practitioner, I can prescribe medications, order imaging and consult w/ specialists when needed.


Menopause Follow Up

On the follow-up visits, we implement the plan developed during the initial consultation. Women often require three to five follow-up visits to optimize their menopause care plan. Once your plan is in motion, we can meet intermittently  to see how things are going and tweak your plan as needed.


Wellness/Preventative Medicine 

We are hormonally different with each decade of our life.  Your wellness and preventative medicine strategy should adapt as your body changes. Using my background in primary care, midwifery, and women's health we’ll address specific goals using diet, exercise, supplements, and medication (if needed). We can also discuss cancer genetic testing and screening modalities and schedule blood work on an as-needed basis. 


Preconception Counseling 

Get excited and cast out fear! The focus is on fertility and overall wellness. We’ll discuss the menstrual cycle and fertile window, as well as the importance of nutrition and exercise. We will also address recommended carrier and immunity testing so we can address risk factors in advance. 


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 

We will address diagnosis, nutrition, exercise, medication management, and prevention of long-term effects. We will also discuss fertility challenges and strategies to provide support and address mood changes associated w/ this hormone imbalance.


 GYN Care 

Get the help you need to understand your cycles, address recurrent symptoms, and find the best contraception to meet your needs. Topics such as decreased libido/sexual function, recurrent vaginitis and vaginal dryness are part of this discussion. We can also evaluate female cancer risk by looking at your specific familial & lifestyle factors and consider genetic testing if needed.


Sexual Health 

Let’s discuss your body’s mental, emotional, and physical processes that relate to sexual response and desire. We’ll also address the challenges that come along with different phases of life.

Specific strategies can help with spontaneous desires, responsive desire and sexual response. 


Sleep & Rest

In a culture of GO! How do we sleep and rest well? Often times there are sleep disruptions that are caused by mood, hormonal changes, or underlying medical conditions that prevent us from being restored and ready to navigate our lives. 

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Wellness Revelation

Looking for freedom from neglect or obsessing about health?  As opposed to typical fitness and health coaching - Revelation Wellness focuses on Love God, Get Well, Be Whole and Love Others.  This is a 9 week course that we walk through together either one on one or in a group of other women.



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